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What is HDPrime.tv?

Your new favorite website! Make life easier by watching your favorite movies, TV shows and live TV online at a reasonable price. HDPrime is the site where you will find all the entertainment you want.

How much does it cost?

It's free until 31 March! After that, prices start at just EUR 6.50 per month, with discounts for longer time periods.

How do I join?

Just click the Register link below and enter your information.

Can I use this in my country?

We have servers available in various locations, so you can get a good connection from anywhere.

Can I use this website on a mobile device or Smart TV?

Yes, although please be aware some functionality may not be available, such as movie subtitles

What else should I know?

The site is in a beta stage, so some features are not yet implemented, for example subtitles for TV series, or additional subtitle languages. There may also be some short downtimes as we make adjustments before the official launch.

Free testing until 31 March!


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